Tarot Guidance for January 30th – February 5th

Your Personal Reading for the Week

Take a few deep breaths, and then choose one, two, or all 3 cards for your guidance. Then scroll down and see what the universal energies say to you this week.


Make sure you have selected your card or cards before scrolling down.

Here is the reveal:


Here’s your personal reading for this week’s energies:

Card A: Two of Swords

This is a card of confusion. You are not hearing your own intuition symbolized by the blindfold and the woman’s blocked heart (crossed arms).

This card can show a situation where you are forced to conform to someone else’s will. You feel blocked and confused. This situation cannot persist, just as the woman can only hold the swords up for so long – protecting her heart. This too, shall pass.

If you are looking for advice and clarity from this card, it tells you that you need to let the swords fall and unblock your connection to your own higher self – your soul connection is where all of the answers are. Your soul knows everything about your divine plan and the best choices to make.

The moon and the water represent intuition and emotion. Learn to tune in and listen by raising your vibration and pulling divine source energy into your body. The answers are within you. Clear the mind and the heart. Listen to your inner self to get clarity.

Card B: Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords is the murdered Hierophant (Pope). The garbs are the Hierophant’s garbs. The man’s hand is showing the sign of blessings pointing up.

Murder is sudden and unexpected. It is beyond a person’s control. This card symbolizes a  death in terms of an unexpected and sudden end. This ending has caused you a feeling of loss and grief beyond your control. This can also be a backstab situation. Has someone betrayed you?

You likely feel powerless. This powerless feeling can bring out the victim mentality. Don’t let the mind overtake you in this situation. You need to let it go and move on. It’s dead. It’s done. The pain, the sadness, the tears can stop. The mind is worn from the overwhelm. It is time to move on.

The yellow sky and blue sea show that a new opportunity awaits you. When one door shuts, another door opens. New beginnings are coming.

Card C: Ten of Cups

The ten of cups symbolizes connection.

The final, evolved, resting place for the heart is mature emotion and connection. This is a card of emotional support, understanding, and comfort.

Something or someone that you are passionate about, is well connected with you this week. This is a wonderful card for telling you that all is well this week and you are doing it right. This card predicts good times and good connections. Love holds it together. Happiness comes from love. This is a card of fulfillment. 10 full cups.

If you need advice, this card says, “be empathetic, be kind, be warm, be understanding”. Our connections make us stronger.

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