Tarot Guidance for February 6th – 12th

Your Personal Reading for the Week

Take a few deep breaths, and then choose one, two, or all 3 cards for your love life guidance. Then scroll down and see what the universal energies say to you this week.


Make sure you have selected your card or cards before scrolling down.

Here is the reveal:


Here’s your personal reading for this week’s energies:

Card A: You Deserve Love

You are lovable!

“The Romance Angels are cheering you on in your quest for great love by letting you know that you deserve it. As a child of God, you’re naturally a loving and lovable person. You have the right to be treated with kindness and respect by everyone in your life.

If you’ve had harsh life experiences, you may have blamed yourself and felt unworthy of receiving affection. This card is reassurance that you do deserve it. You’re a beautiful being of God’s pure love & light. No matter what anyone has said or done to you, and no matter what happened in the past. You deserve love & respect.

The more you affirm “I am lovable. I am loved. I am loving.” The more this experience comes true for you. Affirmations help you believe spiritual truths at a deep, unconscious level. This, in turn, allows you to attract loving people, relationships, and circumstances. And you definitely deserve that!”

~ Meaning from Romance Angels Guidebook by Doreen Virtue

Setting boundaries in life is so important in self-love. Boundaries that you won’t cross and boundaries that you won’t allow others to cross. You know that you deserve love so love yourself first. Connect with yourself first. And with that self- love and self-connection, you attract that vibe from others. You will attract the right person when your vibe is at the level you deserve.

Card B: Finances & Career

Financial issues are a factor in your love life right now.

“Money and love have historically been linked and this card points to this correlation. The Romance Angels want to disentangle you from financial or career pressures so that you may enjoy every aspect of your life…including romance.

While work can be a source of heart-opening satisfaction, it must be balanced with other facets of love such as playfulness and laughter. You received this card because you’d benefit from an infusion of such lightheartedness. Call upon the angels to elevate your mood, energy levels, finances, career, and anything else that will bring you peace.”

~ Meaning from Romance Angels Guidebook by Doreen Virtue

Card C: Worth Waiting For

Divine timing is at work in your love life.

“Your soul-mate relationship requires patience, as there are many factors involved. Your soul mate’s freewill choices are beyond your or the angels’ control, as is the readiness of both of you for true love. This card comes to you as a reminder that this relationship is worth waiting for.

Divine timing is a universal law that is always in operation. It is the flow of everything. If we try to impose our human will and force things to happen, we become out of sync with nature and experience blockages. Similarly, if we fret, “When will I meet my soul mate?” we put “worry” energy out into the universe.

The Romance Angels have heard and answered your prayers for a soul mate, and they are working behind the scenes to bring this to you. Your role is to listen to and follow your intuition, even if it seems unrelated to your desire. Your intuition is like a guide dog, leading you along the path of answered prayers. Follow your intuition and trust in the timing of the relationship.”

~ Meaning from Romance Angels Guidebook by Doreen Virtue

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