Tarot Forecast for February 20th – 26th

Your Personal Reading for the Week

Take a few deep breaths, and then choose one, two, or all 3 cards for your guidance. Then scroll down and see what the universal energies say to you this week. *The video is at the bottom if you just want to watch that instead.


Make sure you have selected your card or cards before scrolling down.

Here is the reveal:


Here’s your personal reading for this week’s energies:

Choice A: Five of Swords & Temperance

The 5 of Swords is a card of the mind. It is the card of defeat, loss, & humiliation. It is a severe card that represents the pride that makes us blind to our own weaknesses & limitations. This card can warn you that you may need to walk away from this fight. The path you are taking will lead to defeat. Sometimes we need to walk away or approach the matter an entirely new way rather than lose our dignity.

What are you fighting that is mentally defeating you?

Temperance is one of the 4 cardinal virtues in life. The four virtues are fortitude, prudence, justice, and temperance. Temperance is the virtue of moderation and self-restraint.

This is a card of peace, balance, and synergy. The angel has one foot in the spirit world (the water) and one foot on a rock. the rock symbolizes the material world, but also a strong foundation. This card says that with temperance comes balance, peace, and harmony.

When we do spiritual work (inner work), we temper our outer selves and bring better balance into our lives. This is a card of alchemy of spirit. This is change from within. And change for the better. If you get this card, be sure you are doing your inner work to keep things flowing smoothly and with patience.

Choice B: The Emperor & The Lovers

The Emperor is Mars, The God of War and Power. The four ram heads are the symbol of Aries and the energies that Aries represents. This is a card of fire and thrusting forward.

The ankh and the globe in his hands represent his dominion over the Earth. He possesses control over Earthly life with his intelligence and virility.

This card is all about executing your ideas and pushing forward. Mars energy is directive and ambitious. It makes things happen.

The Lovers card is a card of divine love, choice, values, and connection. This is a card of choice and of coming together with divine karmic ties.

The angel, Raphael, is blessing the choices of the couple in the card. Raphael is the angle of air. This angel rules communication and the mind. Good communication and good choices make for a happy relationship.

This is a very tantric card. Tantra is divine union. We are in divine union with the soul and with each other as one energy. The man looks to the woman and this represents our physical, sexual, animal desires. While the woman looks to the heavens to represent our desire to connect with the divine. And the angel closes his eyes to represent the divine connection within us all.

You are on the right path. Keep looking to the divine within. Your decisions are coming from your higher self right now. Your connection is creating a better destiny for you. Keep on the higher path of evolution.

Choice C: Queen of Pentacles & 8 of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the perfect representation of the Earth element at it’s best! This card represents the practical, earthy, feminine nature of the divine.

This week is an excellent time to nurture your physical well being. Whether it’s a time to manifest a healthier lifestyle or to work on something of a practical nature. This card represents prosperity, security, and balance.

How are you using these energies to create a better life right now?

The number 8 in the Eight of Pentacles gives structure to the earth element here. This is a card of manifesting what you want through practice and focus. As you focus your efforts on one skill or project, you will move forward with a strong foundation.

This card shows that you will succeed through your own perseverance. Things will not be handed to you on a silver platter. You will manifest through your own progress and determination. This is a strong card of progress. How are you using your will?

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