Tarot Guidance for November 21 – November 27

Your Personal Reading for the Week

Take a few deep breaths, and then choose one, two, or all 3 cards for your guidance. Then scroll down and see what the universal energies say to you this week.


Make sure you have selected your card or cards before scrolling down.

Here is the reveal:


Here’s your personal reading for this week’s energies:

Card A: The Moon

The Moon card is a card of deep transformation. You’ve been feeling the shadows boiling up from within, so how can you transform those negative feelings into more positive energy?

Your past experiences are your primary source of fear and anger. Now is a good time to explore deeper issues with a past life regression or a astrological soul reading. Many things are coming to the surface and this is a good time to cleanse and purge old negative patterns and issues.

This card can also be showing illusion or deception. Things are not always as they seem. And you may feel lost, like you are going down a path without the light. Deep meditation is a good way to light your inner light and move forward with more clarity.

The Moon asks you what can you do to lighten your path?

Card B: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is the card of opportunity in waiting. The ships are finally coming in. Happiness and growth are at your door. It is now time to open that door and let the sun shine into your home.

Your plans are under way now, and this card encourages you to open your mind to new opportunities and take a leap of faith. Your vision has been expanded and it is time to grow and evolve.

Card C: 5 of Cups

The 5 of Cups shows a person experiencing the feelings of loss. Are you looking down at the three spilled cups? Not seeing the two standing up behind you?

The dark cloak looks like a coffin. You have experienced a loss that felt like a death. You are still focusing on this loss too heavily. There is a bridge over the river to the other side. Your path is still in place.

What can you do to let go of the past or any feelings of loss that are still effecting you? What can you do to turn around and see the two choices that are still waiting for your attention? What will you to cross that bridge?

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