Tarot Guidance for December 5th – 11th

Your Personal Reading for the Week

Take a few deep breaths, and then choose one, two, or all 3 cards for your guidance. Then scroll down and see what the universal energies say to you this week.


Make sure you have selected your card or cards before scrolling down.

Here is the reveal:


Here’s your personal reading for this week’s energies:

Card A: Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords is a card of an over-active mind. You are self-restricting. This is causing confusion and a feeling of being trapped.

You will remain trapped if you do not endure the pain of confrontation. You are tied up by your own mind. The mental activity is not healthy right now. But the ties are loose. They could be taken off so easily. The lack of hope is an illusion just as the binding is not tight enough to hold you in restriction.

Ask yourself, “How can I change my thinking? My perspective?” Look at this difficult situation from a different angle. Take your power back.

Card B: King of Cups

The King of Cups is the King of Hearts. He is strong from within even in turbulent times. In fact, he loves his drama.

If you are being challenged emotionally, the King suggests that you remain emotionally mature and in control during the turbulence. The King is level-headed and he stays in control of his emotions.

You are the King of Cups. Whether you are male or female, we all have both energies within us. A soul has no gender. So. You are the King. The symbol of balanced emotion and creativity. You are compassionate and kind and you can keep this inner strength in your dealings right now even though times are turbulent.

You draw on your emotional maturity and temperance to navigate the rough waters surrounding you. Remember to not repress your emotions as you deal with other people. Your control is strong. But you must always be aware of your emotions and explore them with an open mind. THIS keeps you balanced.

Ask yourself, “How can I develop the strongest compassion without falling into the drama of the water?”

Card C: Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups is the card of beauty and love. When you get this card, there is something wonderful happening within you. It may be a new love, a new creative spark, or a new compassion for life.

This card of love & beauty is one of spirit. It comes from spirit. The hand is the hand of God. This cup is being offered to you. Will you take this new opportunity to spiritually evolve and heal?

If you are in a new relationship, this is a card of true love and soul connection.

The dove placing the wafer into the cup symbolizes your spirit coming into this incarnation. Notice there are five streams of water flowing from the cup. They represent our 5-sensory world and how spirit is always within us even though we are living in this physical manifestation.

The lotus blossoms symbolize the awakening spirit. How is your spirit speaking to you this week? Is it speaking of love, compassion, healing, or creativity? Something wonderful is flowing. Notice it.

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