Spirit Possession & Spirit Attachment

According to many experts in the field of depossession work, pretty much everyone has at least one entity or energetic attachment happen during his or her lifetime. Which means that either an actual spirit or a fragment of a spirit attaches to a person’s energy field.

Most people just don’t realize the symptoms of spirit attachment.

Have you ever suffered from serious depression, addiction, confusion, or chronic illness?

Well, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily possessed, but those are symptoms of entity attachment issues. This means there is a good chance you were, or are, dealing with an attachment issue.

There is a difference between a spirit attachment and possession. A spirit attachment has to do with a spirit that attaches to a person’s aura or chakra system. They affect and influence the person, but they do not usually gain possession over the person. These spirits had a physical body at one point and when the body died they stuck around on our physical dimension. They did not go to the light. And many times, they try to hang out with people and to live thru them in a way. They will energetically attach to a person and begin to influence their thoughts and behaviors. Many times these spirits don’t want to let go of the physical world bc they have an addiction or attachment of some kind, like an addiction to sex or alcohol. Some even hang out because they are pissed off or waiting for someone. …..

Full on possession is usually more of a demonic thing. The spirit tries to integrate into the body fully and take over behavior. They actually want to push out the soul that inhabited the body. There is debate over whether these entities are just angry spirits that didn’t go to the light or perhaps something else. I have never been around a fully possessed person so I do not have an opinion on that matter.

I was first introduced to spirit release therapy by my hypnosis mentor, Dr. Ron De Vasto, about ten years ago. I was taking his workshop on past life regression therapy, and he introduced us to the spirit release therapy on the last day of the workshop. I had the privilege of observing some of his spirit release therapy in the workshop. It was fantastic, but scary at the same time. Dr. De Vasto has a wonderful book on depossession work called Fragmented Souls. The book is fantastic. I, also, like this new idea of depossession at a distance, that I am learning about by Eugene Maurey (1988). Dr. De Vasto also practices depossessing from a distance with a technique called remote depossession. This requires two people in the working process. One plays the role of hypnotist and the other is the channel. To learn more about depossesion work, you should check out those books:

Fragmented Souls by Dr. Ron DeVasto

Exorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person

Also, my friend, Theresa Crabtree, does remote depossession work. You can order a soul cleanse for yourself or your loved ones.

She offers her services on a donation basis, payable AFTER services are rendered. She is absolutely amazing and legit.

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