Re-focus Valentines Day! Change your story, change your life.

Astrologically, this is a powerful week! Use the powerful Mars energies this weekend to focus on you! The astrological energies are not fixated on relationships this weekend.

We create our stories. Our stories are our thoughts. Our thoughts create emotion. Be careful what you tell yourself. When you hear that voice in your head attach a value, such as “good” or “bad” to a person or event, you are creating a story. That story creates your reality. What kind of reality do you want? A reality that is ruled by thoughts and emotions? A reality that attaches value to a day that people subscribe to as important because they’ve attached a story to it. A story that retailers push to make money off of. Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad story, or that it is a good story. I’m just saying that it is a story. A story that you have to subscribe to in order to attach your thoughts and feelings to.

To feel at peace and happy within yourself, you must observe your thoughts and emotions. Just observe the thoughts that you are having. Separate yourself from the thoughts and listen to them. Where does this story come from? At this point, you probably realize that those thoughts are not you. They are thoughts. You are observing them, and you can change them. Whenever you have negative stories popping into your head, notice them. Observe them, and then think an opposite thought. Try it. And while you are at it, observe the feeling that is accompanying the thought. What does it feel like? Is it painful? If so, note where the pain is located in your body. This will create space around the pain that you feel. This quick exercise will take you out of your unconscious state of pain and bring you into the present moment. The present is life. Go enjoy it. Live in harmony with yourself. Inner peace is where true happiness resides. The present is the gift of life. Happy Valentines Day to you and your inner soul.

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