2018: The Shift into the Golden Age



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  1. Hi Brandy.

    I’ve just found your YouTube channel. I clicked on several of your videos, and I’ve found them to be rather helpful.

    I also like the 2018 tarot card reading. That which you discussed in this video have already come to pass.

    Thanks for your insights.

    I additionally wanted to let you know that I’ve done a bit of numerology on myself. My life path number indicates that I’m to excel in creativity. That’s no surprise to me. I’m already an exhibiting abstract artist, published poet and author.

    I’ve decided to focus my artistic energies on the establishment of touch exhibits for the blind. I’ve already done four this year. I’m about to do another.



    1. Hi Laura!
      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with me. It sounds like you are on your path at amazing speed. Love & Light to you! ~Brandy

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